Thursday, 31 July 2008



Followed the next morning by this.


So, it looks like I conceived on our second attempt. I stll can't believe it -somehow, even though we were trying to get me pregnant, now that it's happened I'm really shocked.
I only did the test after Chris suggested it. I'd been feeling really nauseous for a couple of evenings, and my boobs are enormous, so when Chris found out that my period was three days late he thought I should do the traditional peeing-on-a-stick.

He was still asleep, so there I was, sitting on the lid of the toilet and staring at this little piece of plastic. I'd been trying so hard not to get my hopes up and had pretty much convinced myself that there'd be no second line. I went through and woke Chris up, waving a little wee-ey stick in his face and asking him if he could see two lines too. He was a lot less surprised than me, and very happy.

We're not telling anyone yet. I'm really paranoid about something going wrong. I read all the statistics about how many pregnancies succeed and think that there's no way I'm going to be one of the lucky ones.

We'll probably tell people if things are still going well in a couple of months.