Monday, 14 March 2011

A trip to the playground with Mummy and Granny

We thought it would be nice for Zeph to try out his new shoes, so after feeding the ducks in the park we visited the little playground.

He loves swings.


"I can see Granny!"


These rope bridges really aren't meant for use by little people. I didn't drop him, though. (Just about!)




Granny stops Zeph going to where the big kids are running about.


The only problem with his shoes is that they grip the slide rather too well!


Zeph heads off in a determined fashion.


He's aiming for bigger and better climbing frames!


He has so much fun on playground equipment, but his enthusiasm tends to outweigh his abilities. He'd better get plenty of practising in before the summer, since I want to take him here!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I forgot some things...

He also says...

cudda (cuddle)
ki' (kiss)
look (either triumphantly to show you something clever he's done, or demandingly when he needs you to reach a toy for him)
soo (shoe)

He can tell you what a wolf says too.

Zeph's fish impression

and his pirate one!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Oh, The Things Zeph Can Do!

At 14 months, Zeph is very verbal. He understands a lot more than he can say, but he uses quite a few words.
In approximate order of appearance -

Gaggy (Granny)
Gaga (Grandpa)
CA! (cat)
DoG! (said just like that!)
gain (again)
caa (car)
cu' (cup - of water)
A-goo (thank you)
gook (book)
peese (please)
dink (drink - his cup of milk)
yea! & ess! (yes)
uh! - (up)

He can tell you what a pirate, fish, dog and duck say.

Also, he can:

Walk by cruising round the furniture
Take a few steps on his own
Find lost toys by looking under furniture
Look through books on his own, turning pages one at a time
Stack blocks
Fit a set of nesting beakers together
Feed himself with a spoon (not very well, though!)
Do pull-ups on the stairgate