Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I forgot some things...

He also says...

cudda (cuddle)
ki' (kiss)
look (either triumphantly to show you something clever he's done, or demandingly when he needs you to reach a toy for him)
soo (shoe)

He can tell you what a wolf says too.

Zeph's fish impression

and his pirate one!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Oh, The Things Zeph Can Do!

At 14 months, Zeph is very verbal. He understands a lot more than he can say, but he uses quite a few words.
In approximate order of appearance -

Gaggy (Granny)
Gaga (Grandpa)
CA! (cat)
DoG! (said just like that!)
gain (again)
caa (car)
cu' (cup - of water)
A-goo (thank you)
gook (book)
peese (please)
dink (drink - his cup of milk)
yea! & ess! (yes)
uh! - (up)

He can tell you what a pirate, fish, dog and duck say.

Also, he can:

Walk by cruising round the furniture
Take a few steps on his own
Find lost toys by looking under furniture
Look through books on his own, turning pages one at a time
Stack blocks
Fit a set of nesting beakers together
Feed himself with a spoon (not very well, though!)
Do pull-ups on the stairgate